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White People (Randy Newman Parody)

Cues and Theme - Broke N' News

Parody written and produced by me. Don't sue me, Randy!

Starting with the Harold Ramis Film School intro.

All original work 2020-2021.

Constipated on Christmas

Pride Banger 2022

Original Music Video.

Premiered at the Music Box Chicago, December 2019.

Proud Ally!

COVID-19 Rain Down on Me

Original Music Video.

Quarantine collaboration between Chicago and LA.

Loving a Man from the Waist Up

Armchair Expert - Mildly Offensive Tribute Video

I'm Going to Taco Bell

Original Music Video.

Created at The Second City Film School (Chicago)

The No Show - Theme Song

Theme Song for a Second City Online Game Show 2020

Hosted by Jeff Griggs and Jack C Newell


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